Together, let's make the selling of your home better than buying it was!

First thing to decide, is whether you are going to sell your home WITH or WITHOUT an Agent, WITH an Agent is always suggested!

1) Know the value of your home

Get your home appraised and let the market speak to you, it may give you more-it may give you less. A well priced home moves much quicker than one that is not.

2) Get a Home Inspection sooner not later

Everyone can look at the same house, and give it a different value. Get a professional to look at it, and be armed with good information so that you can make better repair choices and strongly negotiate at a later time.

3) To repair or not repair?

Houses are sold "AS IS", and yet some sellers like to repair before an offer-and at a point in the negotiations-the buyer can ask for repairs. When picking which ones to do, do the biggest ones or the ones that add the most value.

4) A Shown Home is a Sold Home

Be open to showing your home, part of falling

in love with a home is seeing it, imagining life in it.

Your agent will work with you to make showings as

accommodating as possible.

5) Have a Plan

As you are selling your home, you need to be looking

for your next housing. Prep to be a Buyer again, find a

temporary place to be, or plan to ask for Rent Back.

6) Price your home to sell with your Agent

Work with your agent on pricing-they wan to get you

the most money they can get you, but the market is

the market-they can't change that.

Once the home is Priced, Shown, and Offered on- Trust your agent to get you through to the end!