Whether you are buying your first or your last, your satisfaction and success is our priority!

Things to consider if you are preparing to Buy your first, third, or last home:

1) Credit Score

660-680: Expect to pay more fees/down payment

700-720: You will get a good deal

750+: Best Deals

2) Start with Realistic Expectations

Together we analyze Income, Expenses, etc to figure out what you can afford and what kind of loan we are going to use.

3) Save, Save, and Save...Save some more

Save up for your down payment and closing costs. Together we figure out how much that is and how best we can get you there soonest.

4) Paint a Pretty Picture for the Bank

Build up a savings account so that when the bank looks at your statements, and the picture of your life, you look like a financially healthy family.

5) Mortgage Pre-Approval

Get pre-approved for a mortgage so you know what you can do and show that you are the best offer to pick as you are a buyer that has done your homework.

6) Find a House you Love

Start by figuring out what you really want in a House, Neighborhood, and start going to visit some of the properties with your agent. Once you find the house, be ready to move on it-and hold on for the ride!

Once we get to this point, trust your Realtor and hold on. This can be the toughest part of this whole experience, but together we will make it a memorable one-worth redoing when you are ready to invest!